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It's an anagram for "explode!"
This site started as an HTML rapid-prototyping tool back in the early 2000's. It's got some web development tools, a couple of action-packed JavaScript/HTML games, and some wiggly demos.
All the source is on github.
2024-02-27 If you're looking for or Fracas 3, it's moved to
2015-09-26 Here's a hella old eval3 gnomes demo. These gem-coveting dungeon dwellers were going to be the enemies in Fracas II.
2015-09-25 Here's another little vorp level: surf's up and zombies to go
It's already pretty hard. But to make it insane-o challenging, try it without your tractor beam - use yourself as bait to draw the zombies into the grip-switches.
2013-10-26 Now the Vorp editor is integrated into the game, and there's sharing by URL.
2013-06-02 Vorp has three new levels, with zombies and turrets!
2013-03-18 Now eval3 is using a new URL compressor, plex.squisher, that is always on. All old URLs should still work. But the new ones should survive linkification better, because they only use URL-friendly base64 characters. So they're more likely to work if you paste them into Gmail, or forum markdown.

Here's a sample URL that animates wiggly tree tentacles on a canvas: cthulhu.

The new compressor turns the form fields into a JSON string, percent-encodes all but the most vanilla characters, does static-dictionary substitution to make some common strings shorter (like "document" and "function"), then uses Lempel-Ziv to compress repeated strings, and finally encodes everything in linkifier-friendly base64.

Aaaand in Vorp, it should be easier to make small movements with the little pink square that is you - better for lining up throws, or getting onto a beam sensor.

2013-02-13 I've been working on Vorp!
Now there are ten lesson levels, and a couple new challenging levels.
2011-06-27 Upgraded Vorp graphics and handling a bit.
Now plexode's source is on github, at
2011-01-23 Added a new game, Vorp, to the nav bar.
2010-06-26 Refactored the whole site!
For example, now you can go to instead of
All old-style URLs should get redirected to the new URLs. eval2 and eval3 URL hash fragments are preserved, even on IE.

I also got rid of some cruft, and added some stuff.

2009-02-22 Insta-html and eval have a beautiful baby and it is eval3. It is full of wonders. Here is a snake I made with it: A snake.
2008-03-02 Now eval2 saves and loads content using the href fragment, so you can save a JS program as a bookmark, or send one to a friend.
See Super Fun Time Example URL.
Many moons ago... Welcome to Plexode!
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